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Don’t be fooled by this popular scammer approach!!

Here’s the email  that two PNWS members recently shared with us:

My name is Jacob Cross, from New York. I hope this message finds you well.I was going through some of your works and my eyes caught this particular piece, I’m interested in purchasing it as I’m moving to a new apartment this month. Please let me know if you still have the piece available, if yes let me know and it’s final price and more information about it. I will be waiting to read from you.”
The scammer will then either send you a bogus check or make a bogus credit card payment to your paypal account that will include additional monies for the shipping service.  At this point the scam goes in one of several different directions the details of which  are too long to bother with here.  So be on the look-out and don’t fall for it.
A web site with useful information regarding art scams is: http://www.artscams.com/
UPDATE: Since the original post earlier this evening, 7 additional members have checked in to say that they too have been approached.

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