Ready, Set, Sculpt!

Ben Dye and Rick Gregg race the clock.

Paige and Carole have a go

16 or so sculptors participated in the first annual Ready, Set, Sculpt! event. Each sculptor was instructed to bring 10 items from their studio. Upon arriving at the event sculptors were assigned randomly to 4 teams of 4 each. Each team made a pile of their items which were then passed to another team. The goal was to for each team to convert their pile into a passable sculpture by 4:30pm the next day. No prizes were offered not even glory but sculptors are a strange lot. They will do this sort of thing just for fun.

Plans are afoot to do this again. Perhaps with a welder on each team, perhaps not. In any case sculptors, begin saving those odd bits and pieces, the odder the better. Grateful thanks to Lisa Strout for organizing and the Fire and Earth Art Center for the space.

Susan and Carole begin with some odd bits on the floor

Start at the bottom, work up.

Or start in the middle and work both ways.

Finished just in time!

One team made 4 pieces

Turn the crank, ring the bell!


Detail from above

On String and Prayer

Did someone actually weave this from metal strapping?

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