Metal Arts at Clackamas Community College

Pacific NW Sculptors and Clackamas Community College of Oregon City, OR occasionally join forces and present extensive one or two day seminars on the metal arts. Demonstrations and hands on workshops include forge work and welding of all types as well as lectures and presentations by some of the Northwest's finest metal sculptors. The state of the arts Metal Arts shop at Clackamas Community College is the largest of its kind on the West Coast.

The following images illustrate just a few of the techniques demonstrated.

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Time Tanner demonstrating Mig Welding

Rick Gregg using the Oxy-Acetylene method to build up a sculpture from welding rod and sheet steel.

Heating with a hand-crank coal-burning forge


Dual Burner Gas forge

Bert Romans demonstrating the use of the trip hammer; Lil' Abner. Lil' Abner designed and built by Bert himself.

Devin Laurence-Field making a paper template using the sculpture's frame as a guide.

The template is transfered to a piece of sheet steel and cut out. Here as plasma cutter is used.

Shaping the part with a rolling mill.

The finished piece can then be welded to the frame.

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