Membership Application

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If you are interested in joining any of the following committees please circle them.

  • Membership-simply mentioning the group to other artists makes you a committee member

  • Volunteers-help manage our volunteer program

  • Shows-help schedule our gallery and outdoor shows.

  • Educational-help organize our bi-monthly educational meetings, workshops and other educational events

  • Publicity-working with other groups and publications to keep sculpture in the mix

  • Finance-help prepare our yearly budget and maintain our financial records

  • Dues: Collegue, (sculptor), dues: $75.00 per year, $40 per year for students and $130 for allied, (industry), members.

    Family Rate: The family rate is $115 and covers two persons.

    Directory: If you have indicated you want to be listed in the directory but do not want to include some information please make an 'x' by any items you do not want included.

    Volunteering: Volunteering is an essential part of membership. It provides an opportunity to interact with other sculptors and learn valuable skills as well. Volunteering will maximize the benefits of membership. Contact our volunteer chair.

    Name_______________________________________ Date___________ Street______________________________________________ City_________________________________State_____Zip__________ Sculptural Medium____________________________________________ Phone____________________ E-mail__________________________ Website____________________________________________________ Are you currently a student?______ Are you currently a member?_______ In which area would you be interested in volunteering?_____________________ Would you like to be listed in the Member Directory?______ y/n (see above) Where did you hear about us?_________________________

    Mail to:
    Pacific Northwest Sculptors
    4110 S.E. Hawthorne #302  Portland, OR 97214  (503) 777-2769