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The Pavilion

Maryhill Arts Festival

Located some 105 miles east of Portland Oregon in the Columbia River Gorge the Maryhill Museum enjoys an international reputation. Founded by Samuel Hill with works from the collections of dancer Loie Fuller and Queen Marie of Romania it is one of the treasures of the Northwest. In 2004 Pacific NW Sculptors had the honor of headlining the first Maryhill Museum Arts Festival. Two days of music, art and demonstrations by our members were enjoyed by all. The museum staff were gracious and the museum and the grounds can only be described as magical. When asked to return again for the 2007 event we did not hesitate.

The centerpiece of our display at Maryhill was a parachute covered bamboo pavilion. Designed by sculptors Marty Eichinger and Rick Gregg and constucted by a large crew it garnered plenty of attention. See Pavilion for details of it's construction.

Duet-Marty Eichinger

Space and Time with Horse-Rick Gregg

In addition to the immediate area about the pavilion the Maryhill Musuem allowed us to display works about the edge of the great lawn.

Two ceramic pieces by Leslie Ariel

Horse-Tim Tanner. Tim is a former farrier and can tell which horse each horseshoe came from by the wear pattern on the shoe.

Palm Tree-Sandra Visse and Linley Schetky

A steel horse by Jesse Swickard

A group photo of participants with the Maryhill Museum Director, Colleen Schafroth, at the far left. All the staff at Maryhill did their utmost to make us feel at home.

Tim Tanner, Carole Murphy and Rick Gregg relax after a long two days of setup and working the show. The gratification of success is apparent on their faces. The blue pot in the foreground contains cowboy coffee which is pretty good despite it's reputation.

The artist's camping area had this view downriver.

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