Marlena Nielsen

Marlena Nielsen is a figurative sculptor, obtaining her education in Occupational Therapy. Nearly all of Marlena’s sculpting career has entailed designing non-traditional porcelain dolls. Most of her doll designs were representations of the human figure rather than what is typically thought of as doll design.

In 1989 she founded “Real People Dolls”, catering to the reproduction doll art industry by providing reproduction artists with plaster molds of her designs. With the reproduction molds the artists could then reproduce her sculpted designs affording them the opportunity to express their own creativity through the painting and costuming of these designs.

One of her favorite experiences in the doll industry was the opportunity to teach sculpting and mold making to budding doll artists and people who just wanted to have fun sculpting someone they loved.

Marlena also designed dolls for the Danbury Mint for many years. These dolls were traditional “doll” designs as required by her contracts with the Mint. Currently Marlena is exploring different aspects of fine art. Her appreciation of classical sculpture continues to tug strongly on her creative desires. She loves a great story of human success, freedom, kindness, passion and responsibility. She is exploring ways to incorporate her respect for the role of individuals in shaping history and the destiny of things to come. She also enjoys playing with natures transitional processes when working with raw and natural materials in the creation of art. She has a fascination with the simple yet complex statements of basic shape, line and form.

Her current adventure is just beginning to unfold.

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