Knight Tom Cat

Stone clay

21" x 10" x 6"

Susan Brown Slizys

One spring day, the curtains are drawn
It is way past dawn, but all is deathly still.
The circle has a hole, rips to its rim, a touch of skin
But only the crunch of the leaf and a broken twig will testify
Who passed this way and why?
Listen in this land devoid of trees,
Whom did we please?
Ash now of the grave, who now is slave?

Susan Brown 2013 ©

Innovative, humorous, narrative, and spiritual are just a few words which describe my art work. Humor predominates much of my art. Using it can negate human pain and find magic in the mundane things of life. I believe that no matter what culture or language spoken, humor binds us together. At the spiritual center of my art, is my autistic deaf and mute brother. My brothers’ challenges to exist and my shared experience with him, left deep impressions in both my soul and art. The art ghosts of my genes include Edward Hicks, David Haviland, and R. Slizys. They can and do criticize or approve of my artistic efforts. With a life time of 15 cats and their antics in my sketch books and in my life, I offer up my latest sculpture series.

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